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CommonShare Verified

CommonShare Verified

Our vision is a world where producers that create high quality, sustainable products are the most competitive in the market.

By 2025, our goal is to enable producers to reach over one billion people who are committed to purchasing sustainable products.

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Who Can Sell on CommonShare?

CommonShare is committed to companies that are advancing sustainability, transparency and/or broad-based ownership. Any approved individual/company can sign up to buy on CommonShare. All sellers go through a vetting process which includes meeting one of the following three criteria:

1. Sustainability

CommonShare relies on third party certifications as an initial screen for producers and sellers that are interested in selling on our platform.

Companies with Product Certificates

Any product that is certified by one of our partner certification bodies is able to be posted and sold without review on CommonShare and can also be accessed via our data services. For companies that have a mix of products, some carrying our partner certifications and others without, products without certifications may be posted as long as they have a disclaimer.

Chain of Custody Certified Companies

Intermediaries, traders, and brokers, are only allowed to list products that either carry specific certifications or are specifically approved by CommonShare for listing on the platform.

2. Geographic Transparency

A second element that CommonShare evaluates is a commitment to transparency in the value chain behind a company’s product. In certain circumstances, the distance a product traveled or the types of companies in the value chain matters more than whether or not a product incorporates sustainability.

3. Broad Based Ownership

Broad-based ownership specifically refers to companies where a significant number of stakeholders involved in creating value for the firm participate in stock-ownership, stock-options or other financial derivatives that align firm performance with stakeholder performance.
Sellers can set their own shipping policy on the platform. For products sold directly via CommonShare, CommonShare can help sellers to establish a fair shipping policy. By default, pricing on the platform is not inclusive of shipping fees.