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5 Sustainable Denim Manufacturers in the United States

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5 Sustainable Denim Manufacturers in the United States

Did you know that it takes on average 396 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans?

This is why sustainable fashion brands are deciding to take a stance on more responsible methods, as well as the use of recycled fabrics and organic cotton to combat the issue. Consumers of all ages and walks of life have a pair of denim jeans in their closet, so choosing garments that are eco-friendly is a collective effort.

Sustainable Denim Brands Leading by Example:


Etica Denim – Sustainable denim in Los Angeles

Based in Los Angeles, Etica lives up to its name with their principles rooted in fair labour and environmentally conscious manufacturing. As a vertically integrated company, the brand puts transparent sourcing at the top of their priorities when producing their denim jeans.

Certified Bluesign, Cradle To Cradle and GOTS, Etica has been recognised for its sustainable denim manufacturing practices. They drastically reduce water usage by 90% with their advanced washing techniques as well as 67% reduction in energy consumption.

The brand produces gorgeous denim jeans for women including many fits such as skinny, wide leg, flare, cropped and many more.

Boyish Jeans – Denim Jeans With a Vintage Vibe

Founded in California, Boyish Jeans is a sustainable fashion brand that creates women’s jeans. Designed in Los Angeles, the brand takes its inspiration from the LA streets, taking men’s fabrics and fits and tailoring them for women’s bodies. Their jeans have a revamped vintage and are for women who would describe their style as “Boyish”.

Focusing on quality and fit, Boyish carries out ethical practices by exclusively using recycled fabrics. They use less chemicals in the dyeing process and they have made strides in reducing water consumption, using a third of the usual amount that conventional denim requires.

By doing its part to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact, Boyish has received Cradle To Cradle and GOTS certification for their efforts.

Triarchy – PETA Approved Denim

Triarchy is a sustainable denim brand that hopes to go far beyond making jeans, but to also educate their customers on mindful consumption and taking care of our garments. Another LA brand, Triarchy started out in 2011 with the goal to make great denim jeans.

However after a fews years into the business, they realized just how harmful making jeans the conventional way was to the environment. Since 2016, the brand has switched to ethical manufacturing processes to contribute to sustainable fashion. They only source from responsible suppliers and use organic cotton and tencel fibers that are GOTS certified.

Their jeans are completely cruelty free and are approved by PETA, without the use of animal bi-products. In addition, by employing methods that have removed the use of chemicals and restricted substances from the dyeing process, earning them OEKO-TEX certification.

They offer stylish and timeless denim jeans designed for women of all ages.

Unspun – Personalized Denim Jeans

Unspun is a digital apparel company that creates custom denim jeans for their customers to order. Based in San Francisco, the company has innovated their own method to combat the wasteful ways of the fashion industry.

Reducing global carbon emissions by 1%, they make their sustainable jeans with their own developed design technology. Their algorithm designs the perfect fit of jeans around the customer’s 3D avatar. This completely eliminates the need for inventory and massively reduces waste from conventional production methods. The customer chooses their fit, fabric, colour and thread height and width.

The company has successfully created a sustainable fashion brand that makes a difference to the planet  with their body-scan custom jeans for men and women. They proudly carry the GRS, GOTS and Better Cotton Initiative seals of certification.

DL1961 – an Eco Friendly Denim Mill

A family-run company, DL1961 is a denim mill that makes all of their jeans in-house. From the spinning, to weaving, to producing and finishing. Their eco-friendly mill is one of the leading denim manufacturers.

They produce premium quality denim by weaving premium eco-friendly fibers to create their sustainable denim. By carrying out all the stages of production at the same facility, they save more water, energy and resources. Conventional denim can be transported to several locations during the production stages before it gets to the consumer.

Carrying GOTS, OCS and GRS sustainable certification, DL1961 has optimized their vertical supply chain to control and audit the entire manufacturing process.

They offer denim jeans in multiple fits and styles for men, women and children.


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