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Five Start Ups Closing the Loop in Fashion

Five Start Ups Closing the Loop in Fashion
 It’s no secret that the fashion supply chain needs to tackle the waste dilemma.


Every year, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is generated by the fashion industry, which is why many brands and fashion companies are adopting circular fashion models to reduce waste. A circular model means creating a system where everything is reused and nothing is wasted.

Here are five fashion start ups that are employing effective waste control methods without sacrificing quality or style:



Dropel is a New York based textile company producing the world’s highest performing cotton, or so they proudly claim. Their main goal is to produce the finest quality cotton while also pushing sustainability to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Dropel is currently leading in the innovation of natural fabrics to boost sustainable fashion. To make their cotton more durable, softer and long-lasting, they only use 100% organic pima cotton for their fabrics. They have been awarded the Bluesign standard for their excellent quality eco-friendly cotton.


Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans is a circular fashion company making jeans for men and women made from organic cotton and recycled materials. Mud jeans take 92% less water to produce than normal jeans, skipping the dyeing stage of the process. As well as making jeans that are closing the loop in sustainable fashion, their jeans are trendy, on-style and timeless.

As the world’s first circular denim brand, Mud Jeans applies the appropriate principles to their business to attain the organic seals of approval. This Dutch brand is certified B corporation, GRS and OEKO TEX Standard 100.



A.BCH is an Australian circular brand closing the loop in fashion. They’re aware of the huge buren that the fashion industry currently carries and so sustainable fashion is at the heart of their business.

They believe that most fashion brands out there at the moment aren’t being transparent enough when it comes to their sourcing and marketing, That’s why A.BCH design their creations using only organic, renewable and recycled materials. These include GOTS certified organic cotton, organic linen, hemo, tencel modal, recycled merino and more.

The brand produces classic pieces that never go out of style, meaning that they’re made to be cared for and kept for many years.


BEEN London

This refreshing London based brand creates gorgeous handbags from landfill waste. BEEN is an innovative brand that cares deeply about reducing waste and they currently execute their production methods with a highly effective circular model.

Certified Bluedesign and GRS, BEEN London is passionate about taking used materials and giving them a second life, encouraging their customers to incorporate sustainable fashion into their daily lives.


Stella McCartney

As a life-long vegetarian, Stella McCartney dreamed of opening a luxury fashion house that was eco-friendly and cruelty free. Dedicated to running a responsible and sustainable business, they employ circular business practices such as using recycled and reworked materials, sourcing viscose fabric and 100% organic.

Stella McCartney products are GOTS and Cradle To Cradle certified. They offer collections for casual wear, evening wear, lingerie, active wear as well as kidswear.

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